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Wandering Around Miami

Finn and I have been lazy so far this Friday morning. I got up around eight to make some coffee, while he stayed curled up on the bed, as usual. I’ve always been bad about sleeping through my alarm, so I thought having him around would help, but Finn has got to be the only dog who will always wait for me to get up first. It’s especially unbelievable considering his half-border collie, probably other half-pointer pedigree, and the fact that he wasn’t any different as a puppy. We are going to be lazy for a little longer; I’ve been getting some reading done, and Finn has been having a nice power chew with his favorite bone. Later today, I’m going to go for a three mile easy run, then we’ll both go for a good two mile dog jog (sometimes walking, sometimes jogging, frequent sniffing).

It’s finally beginning to cool off here in South Florida. Yesterday, as I drove home from campus, it felt chilly enough to want a sweatshirt, and I was actually able to turn off the air conditioner in my apartment and open the windows. The approach of Miami “winter weather” means that I’ll actually want to get out and explore this city. I love taking long walks with Finn, or hopping on the metrorail to wander around some part of the city that isn’t part of my daily, usual experience. Running is also a great way to get to know the place you live in; by planning new and longer routes, the hidden, unknown, and looked-over places become familiar. I’ve always loved how running can make a place feel like it is yours, and makes your world seem a bit more cohesive even as it expands and widens.


winter kiteboarders

Popular representations and notions of Miami tend to be reduced to a small fragment of what the city (actually cities, Miami and Miami Beach) truly is. If you step outside the crowded world of Ocean Drive and whatever the club of the moment is, you might find a very different city revealing itself. These are some pictures I’ve taken over the last year, on walks around different parts of the two cities. I’m not the best photographer (in my family that honor goes to my sister) nor the most persistent, but my iPhone is kind enough to let me edit what I manage to take into acceptable enough compositions, I hope.


Miami Beach


Brickell Station


downtown Brickell




Flamingo Park

It is unusually quiet today. With my windows open, I can hear the birds outside, a sound that is too often drowned out by the air conditioners and city noise of my neighborhood. Perhaps it is time to emerge, briefly, from the Gothic gloom of Ann Radcliffe to go enjoy this day. Thanks for reading!